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The Stock Investors Pocket Calculator

The Stock Investors Pocket Calculator Authors:
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Book Summary:
Every stock market investor needs to be able to calculate value, profits, and cash flow in order to make basic decisions like whether to buy, hold, or sell. But itís easy to get intimidated by all the ratios and formulas, especially when incorrect calculations can lead to costly investment mistakes. The Stock Investorís Pocket Calculator simplifies the math behind successful equity investing. Containing over 100 ratios and formulas, the book translates them into plain English, breaks them down into simple steps, and places them side-by-side with practical examples. Readers will learn how to: Judge portfolio value Assess corporate strength or weakness (both cash flow and profitability) Follow revenue and earnings trends And more Filled with worksheets, checklists, visual aids, and examples, this is a must-have guide for anyone investing in the stock market.

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