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Beginner's Guide to Stock Investing

Greg Mason. Beginner's Guide to Stock Investing Authors:Greg Mason.
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Book Summary:
The stock market is an amazing and energetic place - you could be making money right now while sitting in front of your computer! But's also a very dangerous place where your money could get swallowed up in minutes! Even experienced investors make mistakes, so how can you protect your investment and make money in the stock market? All you need to know about the stock market is at your fingertips. Applying this knowledge will help you maximize profits and reduce losses. You will feel in control of your money and able to carry on with life without getting ulcers from the stress! Here is some of what you will learn in: "Beginner's Guide to Stock Investing" ... . How the Stock Market Works . Why Do Companies Sell Stock? . What is Your Role as a Stockholder? . What are the Risks of Stock Investing? . What are Bull and Bear Markets? . What are the Indexes and What do they Mean? . Learn about Stock Market Industries . Tips for Reading Stock Charts ...

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