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If Not Stocks, What?

Gene Walden. If Not Stocks, What? Authors:Gene Walden.
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Book Summary:
Book Description Guidance for anxious stock market investors looking for alternative investments The stock market's recent roller-coaster ride has many investors yearning for more stable, user-friendly investments, yet unable or unwilling to take the time to investigate the alternatives. If Not Stocks, What? offers a detailed look at the many vehicles available to individual investors, reviewing what they are, how they work, what to look for when purchasing them, and hundreds of other details to simplify the diversification process. Bestselling author Gene Walden approaches each investment vehicle from the premise that the reader knows little or nothing about it. Focusing on the basics, while asking and answering key questions on how to fit the vehicle into a long-term investment program, he discusses: Potential upsides and downsides Short-term risks in comparison with stocks Long-term returns in comparison with stocks

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