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How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market

William L. Jiler. How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market Authors:William L. Jiler.
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Irwin
Price:2430 rub.

Book Summary:
As classic and timeless as Graham & Dodd's Security Analysis, William Jiler's How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market is the must-have primer on technical analysis. First published in 1962, it was the first book to explain how all investors can use charting to more profitably time both their buys and sells and is globally renowned to this day for helping traders and investors use the tools of technical analysis to increase their profits. Featuring a new Foreword by the investing experts at Standard & Poor's, this special reprint edition will be an excellent resource for beginners as well as a vital reference for experienced technicians. Technical traders will look to it for: Tips for removing the mystery from the use of technical analysis; Easy-to-understand definitions of technical analysis topics; Examples and explanations of essential configurations, patterns, and formations.

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