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The Equity Culture: The Story of the Global Stock Market

B. Mark Smith. The Equity Culture: The Story of the Global Stock Market Authors:B. Mark Smith.
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Book Summary:
An Expert Chronicle of the Market’s Ever-Growing Role Worldwide The modern stock market, B. Mark Smith’s new book makes clear, is only one component of a much broader “equity culture”—a lively and complex international market involving stocks, bonds, mutual funds; joint stock and limited liability corporations; and trading in grain, gold, diamonds, and currency. The Equity Culture is the story of how that market came about—from shippingmagnates banding together in eighteenth-century India to the railroad robber barons of nineteenth-century America to currency traders such as George Soros. Smith’s spirited and colorful telling makes two points especially clear: that the equity culture has always been international, with globalization as merely its current phase; and that the equity culture is often surprisingly self-adjusting, with “manias, panics, and crashes” making possible ever greater risk and innovation. ...

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