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Exchange Traded Funds and E-Mini Stock Index Futures

David Lerman, David Lerman. Exchange Traded Funds and E-Mini Stock Index Futures Authors:David Lerman, David Lerman.
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Book Summary:
Praise for EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS and E-MINI STOCK INDEX FUTURES "The publishing of Exchange Traded Funds and E-mini Stock Index Futures provides investors, retail and institutional alike, great insight as to the structural advantages and applications of these two innovative investment and trading instruments. The launch of these products continues the trend of democratization of index investing empowering more investors to capitalize on the virtues of indexing. Mr. Lerman?s book is a great reference tool to gain a better understanding of these exciting products."?Nick Lopardo, Vice Chairman, State Street Corporation, and Chairman & CEO, State Street Global Advisors "This book is a must-read for anyone thinking of investing/trading in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and E-mini stock index futures! Lerman combines excellent research with practical examples to provide a comprehensive analysis of one of the fastest growing products in all of finance."?Jay Baker,...

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